AIA-ArbIt-40 is looking for five new Co-Chairs!

AIA-ArbIt-40, the Italian below-40 arbitration association, is pleased to announce an open call for candidatures for its next Co-Chairs (2022-2024).

In accordance with the associations’ principles, the Co-Chairs shall have the overall responsibility over and provide the general direction of AIA-ArbIt-40. They shall be responsible for the relationship with AIA and ArbIt (the two “senior” associations under the auspices of which AIA-ArbIt-40 was established) as well as with the below-40 associations worldwide. The Co-Chairs will be assisted by an Executive Committee in the day-to-day activities of AIA-ArbIt-40, including organization of events, publications, and administrative issues.

Apply now!

If you are a member of AIA-ArbIT-40 and are interested in applying for the position of Co-Chair, please send your application to by 3 December 2021. The application shall include:

  1. An expression of interest not exceeding 500 words;
  2. A CV not exceeding 1 page;
  3. Confirmation that you are less than 40 years old as of 1 November 2021;
  4. Confirmation that you currently do not hold any leadership position in other below-40 arbitration associations worldwide.

In accordance with the associations’ principles, the outgoing Co-Chairs will shortlist candidates based on criteria of merit, competence, prior involvement in the activities of AIA-ArbIt-40, regional and gender diversity, and balance of different professional backgrounds. The shortlisted candidates will then be elected through a vote open to all individuals who are members of AIA-ArbIt-40 as of 1 November 2021.

More information on the association’s principles, mission and governance can be found at

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Co-Chairs of AIA-ArbIt-40

Michele Curatola, Maria Irene Perruccio, Michele Potestà, Simona Scipioni, and Giovanni Zarra

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