Vote for the next Co-Chairs!

Dear Member of AIA-ArbIT-40, 

We are pleased to announce that the following candidates have been shortlisted for the position of Co-Chair of the Association:

  1. Larisa Babyi
  2. Anna Biasiolo
  3. Isabella Cannatà
  4. Federico Parise Kuhnle
  5. Domenico Pauciulo
  6. Gregorio Pettazzi
  7. Flavio Ponzano
  8. Vincenzo Speciale

 The candidates’ statements are below, together with the link to their profiles.

* Please cast your vote! *

In accordance with the principles of the Association and the “Call for New Co-Chairs” published last month, each individual who is a Member as of 1 November 2021 may cast his or her vote.

Please note the following:

  • You may vote up to three candidates.
  • If you decide to vote for more than one candidate, your list should be gender-balanced (i.e., in case you vote for two candidates, they should be of different genders; in case you vote for three candidates, one should be of a different gender). Ballots that do not comply with these criteria will be invalidated.
  • Please cast your vote by 29 December 2021.

The new Co-Chairs shall be elected based on the number of votes received as well as the other criteria indicated in the principles of the Association.

We look forward to receiving your votes!

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