Promote New International Chapters

Interested in starting an International Chapter of AIA-ArbIt-40? Please see the Guidelines below and contact us!

GUIDELINES for the International Chapters of AIA-ArbIt-40

1. Any member of the Association who resides outside of Italy may propose to the Association’s Co-Chairs and Executive Committee to constitute a Chapter of the Association in his/her country or region of residence. International chapters may either comprise one single country (e.g., France) or a region (e.g., Asia).

2. The constitution of each Chapter must be authorized by the Co-Chairs and the Executive Committee.

3. The Chapters shall follow the same mission and abide by the same General Principles applicable to the Association and listed at Article I of the Principles of the Association, available at  In particular, membership in each Chapter is free of charge and it is based on principles of inclusiveness, openness, transparency, independence, and diversity.

4. Once a Chapter is established, any member of the Association who does not reside in Italy may, in addition, join the Chapter active in his/her country or region of residence.  Being a member of the Association is a pre-requisite for joining the Association’s International Chapters.

5. The members of each Chapter will nominate, among themselves, a maximum number of three Coordinators, depending on the number of members in a Chapter.

6. The first Chapter Coordinator(s) of each newly constituted Chapter will be selected by the Co-Chairs and the Executive Committee, following an open call for candidatures.  All further appointments will be made in accordance with paragraph 8 below.

7. The Chapter Coordinator(s) will be appointed for a 2-year term, starting from their confirmation.

8. Before the expiration of their term, an open call for candidatures for the Coordinator role will be published.  The outgoing Coordinator(s) shall shortlist at least 6 candidates (or less, if less than 6 candidatures have been received), based on criteria of merit, competence, prior involvement in the activities of the Association and of the Chapter, regional and gender diversity, and balance of different professional backgrounds. The new Coordinator(s) shall be selected by the Co-Chairs and Executive Committee within the ones shortlisted.

9. Within the first three months of every calendar year, each Chapter will elaborate its proposals for the activities of that calendar year, in compliance with the Principles of the Association. These proposals will be submitted to the Co-Chairs and to the Executive Committee for approval.

10. The Chapter Coordinators will keep the Co-Chairs and the Executive Committee constantly informed of and involved in the Chapter’s activities and initiatives.  All activities and initiatives of the Chapter shall have the prior approval of the Association. 

11. The Chapter Coordinators will provide the Association with the minutes of each Chapter plenary meeting which shall be held at least once a year.