I. General principles

  1. AIA-ArbIt-40 was established under the joint auspices of the Italian Association for Arbitration (Associazione Italiana per l’Arbitrato or “AIA”) and ArbIt Italian Forum for Arbitration and ADR (or “ArbIt”). The purpose of AIA-ArbIt-40 is to promote the culture of arbitration and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) among the below-40 generation, with a particular focus on Italy.
  2. AIA-ArbIt-40 is open to all interested professionals and students regardless of nationality who are less than 40 years old. Membership in AIA-ArbIt-40 does not prevent any interested individual from simultaneously becoming a member in AIA and/or ArbIt in accordance with the admission criteria of those associations. Once an AIA-ArbIt-40 member reaches the 40-year age limit, he/she is invited to join AIA and ArbIt.
  3. Membership in AIA-ArbIt-40 is free of charge.
  4. AIA-ArbIt-40 is based on principles of inclusiveness, openness, transparency, independence, and diversity.

II. Structure

  1. AIA-ArbIt-40 shall be led by 5 Co-Chairs who are assisted by an Executive Committee, composed of at least 6 members.
  2. The Co-Chairs shall have the overall responsibility over and provide the general direction of AIA-ArbIt-40. They shall be responsible for the relationship with AIA and ArbIt as well as with the below-40 associations worldwide.
  3. The Executive Committee shall assist the Co-Chairs in the day-to-day activities of AIA-ArbIt-40, including organization of events, publications, and administrative issues.

III. Selection of the Co-Chairs and the Executive Committee

  1. The Co-Chairs and the Executive Committee members shall be appointed for a 3-year term. The mandate of the Co-Chairs and of the Executive Committee will expire in the same year.
  2. The Co-Chairs shall select the Executive Committee members as soon as possible, within the first quarter of the beginning of their term.
  3. The Co-Chairs shall be selected through the following procedure:
    • Before the expiration of their term, the outgoing Co-Chairs shall publish an open call for candidatures for the new Co-Chairs’ positions.
    • Any current member of AIA-ArbIT-40, including current and former members of the Executive Committee and current and former coordinators of the International Chapters, may apply for the position of Co-Chair.
    • The outgoing Co-Chairs shall shortlist at least 8 candidates (or less, if less than 8 candidatures have been received), based on criteria of merit, competence, prior involvement in the activities of AIA-ArbIt-40, regional and gender diversity, and balance of different professional backgrounds.
    • The new Co-Chairs shall be elected through a vote open to all individuals who are members of AIA-ArbIt-40.
    • Subject to the requirements specified in the next sentence aimed at ensuring gender balance, continuity, and renewal, the 5 candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected as Co-Chairs. The voting system shall ensure that there shall be (i) no more than 3 Co-Chairs of the same gender, (ii) at least 1 Co-Chair selected amongst the members of the outgoing Executive Committee, and (iii) at least 1 Co-Chair selected amongst non-members of the outgoing Executive Committee.
    • The outgoing Co-Chairs shall remain available for the 6 months following the election of the new Co-chairs to ensure continuity in the management of AIA-ArbIt-40.
    • The new Co-Chairs shall select the Executive Committee members through an open call for candidatures, taking into account the criteria specified at § III.3, third bullet point, above.  

First Published on this website on July 21, 2019
Modified on March 2, 2022