2020 In review

Here is the recap of our video-series posted on LinkedIn in December 2020

Video of 2 December 2020 — here — ICC Deputy-Counsel Elena Fontanelli explains the main innovations in the revised 2021 ICC Rules! Watch the video here!

Video of 3 December 2020 — here —  Dorothee Schramm, Partner at Sidley Austin LLP in Geneva, who discussed the Swiss Supreme Court decision in the controversial #Caster Semenya case. The double Olympic champion had challenged the legality of the “testosterone rules” enacted by World Athletics before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). “One cannot violate an athlete’s physical integrity, health and dignity just to improve the chance of another athlete to win a medal”, says Dorothee Schramm.

Video of 4 December 2020 — here — Irene Petrelli, Partner at Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP, reviewed the ICSID annulment decision in Eiser v. Spain. The Eiser annulment decision is “a very timely precedent in light of the ongoing discussion between States and the investment arbitration community on the need to address double hatting”, explains Irene Petrelli. 

Video of 9 December 2020 — here — What do you do when you are involved in an arbitration with a State but it is unclear which Government is in charge? Federico Alberto Cabona, an associate at BonelliErede weighs in on the battle for the presidency of #Venezuela between Nicolás #Maduro and Juan #Guaidó and its effects on arbitration and court proceedings involving the Venezuelan State.

Video of 10 December 2020 — here — Don’t miss the main innovations contained in Switzerland’s law on international arbitration, which will take effect on 1 January 2021! The coordinators of our Swiss Chapter Lukas Florian Innerebner and Davide Colacino highlight three main features of the recent Swiss revisions.

Video of 11 December 2020 — here — Like various other countries, Italy has put into place a legislation aimed at making an ex ante admissibility control of foreign investments (#GoldenPower). Knowledge of this mechanism will be an essential tool for both Italian and foreign lawyers.
Do not miss the opportunity to understand how it works through the brief explanation by Giuliana Lampo.

Video of 14 December 2020 — here — Dr Crina Baltag of Stockholms universitet shared an update of the ISDS reform process. Listen to Crina’s insights on the UNCITRAL: United Nations Commission on International Trade Law negotiations process, the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) and UNCITRAL draft Code of Conduct, the proposed amendments to the ICSID Rules, and the ongoing efforts to modernize the Energy Charter Treaty.

Video of 15 December 2020 — here —  Bo Ra Hoebeke and Georgios Fasfalis of Linklaters Netherlands went through the various episodes of the long running Yukos saga until the largest award in history of arbitration has been reinstated and its latest developments! We are all left to wonder what will happen next!

Video of 16 December 2020 — here — 2020 marked an important year for the #intra-EU BIT saga with the conclusion and entry into force of the Agreement to terminate intra-EU BITs. In purporting to affect arbitral proceedings and even to terminate 🌅 clauses, the new treaty raises several questions under international law. Raymundo Treves of Three Crowns LLP reports.

Video of 17 December 2020 — here —  Nancy M. Thevenin guided us through the #JayZ complaint concerning his American Arbitration Association case and the list of #arbitrators of #African #descent.
As members of this international, diverse, and culturally aware arbitration community, we #fight to increase understanding of the value of our #cultural #differences and achieve #equal #opportunities for all.

Video of 18 December 2020 — here — Benedetta Coppo, Head of the Rome branch office of the Camera Arbitrale di Milano explained the main innovations in the revised #2020 #CAM #Rules!

Video of 22 December 2020 — here — Take a sneak peek of Italy’s new #Model #BIT! Prof. Maria-Chiara Malaguti of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and President of UNIDROIT – International Institute for the Unification of Private Law presented the main innovations in the “updated and upgraded” Italian Model BIT, which also includes provisions on sustainable development and counterclaims.

Video of 23 December 2020 — here — The ❗️grand finale❗️of our video series was dedicated to the 2020 International Council for Commercial Arbitration Report on #Gender #Diversity in Arbitral Appointments and Proceedings!
Hear more about the report from Carolyn Lamm, Partner at White & Case LLP and chair of the task force who produced the report. AIA-ArbIt-40 is proud to support gender diversity initiatives and is a signatory to the Arbitration Pledge

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